How Does It Work?

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When a coin is inserted in the chute, it rolls down the chute and round and round the walls of the well until it disappears through a small hole at the base into a secure collection bin beneath.

The idea of watching a coin rotate around a conical wall until it disappears seems almost simplistic but it has a wonderful fascination for children – and people of all ages. It is a great crowd puller.

Whose coin rolls the fastest? Does a dollar coin take longer to disappear than a 10 cent piece?

Strategically placed in retail malls, theatres, entertainment centres and fund raising venues, it attracts a large volume of coins.

The Money Spinner is supplied with an all-purpose double-sided four colour sign that can be adapted to any charity or fundraising cause. Admirably suited to school fetes, church functions etc.

The Money Spinner is an Australian product.


The Money Spinner is constructed of fibreglass, perspex, aluminium and plastic – all proven hardwearing materials. There are no moving parts, no electrics and very little maintenance.

Available in a variety of colours to suit individual requirements.

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