What Is The Money Spinner

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The Money Spinner is a high volume money maker for all types of charities and very popular as it requires so little effort to operate.

Money Spinner Australia was launched in 1988, and since then has established itself across Australia as one of the pre-eminent means of raising a lot of money very quickly.

It has proven itself over and over, with thousands of units now sited all over the country.

When The Money Spinner is strategically placed in high volume pedestrian areas, such as shopping complexes, sporting venues, theatre complexes, zoos, museums, clubs, exhibitions, fetes, bowling alleys etc., people can’t help but place their spare cash in The Money Spinner just to watch the coins go ‘round and ‘round until they disappear at the bottom of the vortex.

Daily returns vary depending on traffic flow past the unit and the location. However, in most cases, the Money Spinner pays for itself quickly as attested by many satisfied charity organisers and organisations.

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