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Get The Money Rolling In At Your Next Fundraising Event!

The Money Spinner is a simple and profitable way to raise money for any charity or cause. Simply place it in a high traffic area and watch the money roll in!

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Skyrocket Your Fundraising Revenue

Your fundraising efforts will soar when you use the Money Spinner. It is a natural attraction that brings in loads of people willing to donate their spare cash. It is capable of bringing in lot of money, very fast.

A Fun Way to Donate to Charity

The Money Spinner is not just a boring bucket to put your money in, it is fun way for the kids to learn and have fun. They can have races, compare the speed of different coins or just enjoy watching the coins go 'round and 'round till they drop through the hole.

Requires Very Little Maintenance

One of the great features of The Money Spinner in the fact that it is so low maintenance. There are no moving parts, electronics or anything that can go wrong. All it needs is a bit of a clean every now and then and it's ready to roll again.

The Money Spinner

Whether you are raising money for your local school, sports club or cancer research, The Money Spinner is capable of quickly and easy increasing your revenue at all of your charitable fundraising events.

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How Does It Work?

The Money Spinner is a very simple fundraising idea. The unit is a colourful, strong, fibreglass conical well with coin chutes attached to the sides.

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